Heart Womb Alchemy Meditation Circle (ladies only)
23rd May 2024 19:00
AED 100

We have immense power within our sacred heart and womb centres. Awakening and unifying these chambers within has a profound effect on all that we birth and create in this life. The frequency of our creations are dramatically enhanced, by tending to these inner currents of love and power.

Through this inner alchemy of sacred union we upgrade our experiences of love, relationships, sexuality, work and parenting.

This full moon also called flower moon in the sign of Sagittarius this energy is beloved for its uplifting, enlightening, and lucky effects, offering new glimmers of hope when it swirls through our skies.

With the full moon rising in the sign of the archer, we’ll all have a chance to bask in these sparkling vibes. This lunar event could lead to exciting new breakthroughs, and unexpected blessing.

As sacred women of earth when we gather we create a safe and nurturing environment where women can heal, release stress, and find solace in the shared energy of the group. and meet like minded soul sisters.

optional: you can bring your sacred object (crystal,picture,……) to place it on the central altar to be charged during the session and take it back with you at the end of the circle.

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FULL MOON : Zikr, Movement & Sound journey
23rd May 2024 19:30
AED 189

Join this heart journey of divine connection and self expression. Nabila & Sahar came together to co-create this Full moon journey where we will elevate in the divine ocean of love, expression and expansion. The journey will include Sufi Zikr, Whirling and Sound Healing, to revive our voices, bodies, minds and souls. The journey will be interactive and with free flow. We will chant Zikr, whirl and do the sound journey together in a safe environment to express ourselves and expand our being. Looking forward to share this divine unique experience with you.

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FULL MOON : Cacao Ceremony and Breathwork
24th May 2024 20:00
AED 180

Join us for a magical Full Moon Cacao Ceremony and Breathwork Session at Just Be on May 24th from 8-9pm! Harness the lunar energy to deepen your connection with yourself and the universe. Let the sacred cacao elixir open your heart, while guided breathwork guides you to release, heal, and renew. Reserve your spot for this enchanting experience now!

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SOUND HEALING MEDITATION - Lucid Dreaming Meditation With Sound Healing
26th May 2024 19:00
AED 125

"A single dream can reveal what a million wakeful moments cannot." Join this powerful Sound Healing Meditation Trance combined with Hypnotic Guided Script by Anuradha. She will guide you through the highs and lows of your subconscious mind and help you gain awareness and answers to the question that is holding your attention. Anuradha Kamath has over 10 years of professional experience in the field of sound healing and has facilitated meditations all over the globe for prominent government, public, corporate, and private sectors.

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Sufi state Healing Journey : The journey of Remembrance
29th May 2024 19:30
AED 189

This co-created journey is a fusion between holistic and Sufi approaches. We will get closer to knowing God by going through the great 99 names of God & discussing their meanings and what each name represents to your heart. We will also address the shadows that separates us from God, to heal it. Sufi Zikr, journaling, discussions, sharing circles and whiling will be aiding tools during this interactive free flow journey, to discover the unique relationship between us and God. Will be looking forward to share this divine unique experience with you.

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NEW MOON: Reiki and Sound healing meditation
6th June 2024 19:30
AED 250

Join Tania and Nabila for an extraordinary evening of Reiki and Sound Healing Meditation. Let the healing vibrations guide you to a place of inner peace and balance. Anticipate:

Reiki energy to harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. Tranquil soundscapes that will elevate your meditation experience.

Deep relaxation and rejuvenation as you immerse yourself in the healing power of sound and energy.

Open your heart and mind to this transformative experience. Invite friends and loved ones to join in creating a collective energy of healing and serenity.

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