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OSHO - A mystic, osho has some powerful insights to share on life, love and consciousness. Visit our boutique for some of his interesting and life changing books ???? ????????

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Our current favorite: THE BUDDHA SAID — This rich and refreshing book invites us to travel with the Buddha on a path of radical wisdom. In his inimitable style, Osho interprets the “Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters” – a scripture compiled by a Chinese emperor in the first century C.E. – using wonderful contemporary anecdotes to make profound points. As we laugh or shake our heads at the folly, the ineptitude or the goodness of the characters in the stories, Osho engages us at every level to let us experience the Buddha’s teachings and take in their timeless truths. “No belief is required to travel with Buddha. You can come to him with all your skepticism – he accepts and welcomes you, and he says, ‘Come with me.'” – Osho. .

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